Friday, December 17, 2010

Featured Etsy Sellers

Here are some talented Etsy artists featuring their handmade items. :)
Aren't they looking very lovely? They are specially picked by me.
I love all the details that they put in their work :)
nenufarblanco is into handmade sculpture of fairies and others using polymer clay.
KhaliNouveau is selling one of a kind handmade gifts.
aquariann pull up a sea monster raft and float through her colored pencil fantasy drawings.
Mudgoddess she has lots of creative works all using different kind of clays.
foxflight is selling jewelry and she can also customize the fairy dragon hair sticks into other colors as well.
ElisaShine she makes really pretty felted hats with merino wool and fine silk fiber. Each hat is a unique work of art with an intricate needle felted design on the side.
KasketKastoms is selling many different type of handmade glass pendants and they are very unique designs.
HautTotes - she is selling very pretty handmade bags and very beautiful designs.
EyvindsAlchemy is selling beautiful handcrafted jewelry made from sterling silver, stones and others.
myfusedglass she makes many very nice vibrant and lovely dichroic glass jewelry.
PhenomeGNOME she makes very pretty and detailed handmade concrete creations for outdoor decorations. I am very amazed by her creations.
ThemidnightOrange she makes very lovely figurines with polymer clay. Especially those with butterfly wings I love them so much.

Hope everyone like my selections and enjoying browsing through them. :)

Warmest hugs and love always,


  1. some of my very favorite fantasy artists in your picks!

  2. Thank you so fairy for much including my pinback button amongst such glorious fantasy art!

  3. What a neat collection! I LOVE that fairy dragon hair stick!

  4. Everyone: Thank you very much that you guys love it :) Big big hugs

    aquariann: You are most welcome anytime :) Big big hugs too



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