Sunday, January 2, 2011

Featured Etsy Sellers on Dragonfly

Waiting to see more featured sellers? Here are some very interesting Etsy sellers that I fancy as well :)
The topic is on dragonfly. They look so amazing and beautiful with great details.

buttonfun she makes so many unique and unusual buttons.
Mythologicae when I first came across his work I was like WOW!! Awesome dragon-fly!! The wings, colors and feature of each dragon-fly look so interesting and beautiful. He also sculpted others as well but majority on dragon-fly.
CDChilds she handcrafted original stained glass, fused glass, jewelry, recycled wine bottle serving trays, suncatchers, and eco friendly gifts.
Kerribeads she makes awesome and detailed beads from glass. She loves creating miniature glass "paintings", which are ornate glass focal beads that feature landscapes, animals and dragonflies.
WilsonGraphics he design and create a variety of vinyl wall decals used for home decor products. They are printed on commercial grade vinyl which will work indoors or outdoors.
UnderGlass she sells an eclectic mix of handmade RESIN and MIXED MEDIA jewelry. I love the details of her work.
twofeetphoto she is doing fine art nature photography, showcasing the beauty of nature, featuring wildlife, birds, trees, flowers, and landscapes.
jeffreysdragonfly makes very pretty and detailed original jewelry creations with fine Silver, Bronze and Copper, inspired by the dragonflies and other insect.
COPPERTINA makes lovely jewelry using custom METAL ART. She loves working with metals, vintage pieces, and other interesting finds.
Almendro he is selling handmade silver jewelry. They are definitely one of a kind and made from scratch with lots of patience and dedication. Very beautiful wire work.
Hapagirls she specializes in original handcrafted silver and copper jewelry. Her designs are amazing and very easy to match with clothing. They are also very detailed and beautifully handcrafted.
RotsinaCreations specializes in hand-enameled lockets and jewelries. Check out her Etsy store for more lovely designs.
dgordon she creates handmade, hand built pottery, with an earthy look and feel. The plates look so interesting with an uneven shape and designs.
SweetleafSisterz specialize in fine silver and brass jewelry. I love their fine silver jewelry patinated make them look so unusual and prettier.
EerinVink she makes very pretty wooden dragonfly and butterfly pendants. She does painting and other craft as well.
OOAKFairyland she makes very lovely fairy wings. I really adore how realistic those wings look like to me. She also sell all kinds of OOAK craft supplies.


  1. I love Dragonflys! You have created a beautiful collection of them. Thank you for including my ring!!

  2. You are most welcome anytime Hapa Girls :)
    They are very lovely. It is my pleasure for showcasing your work. :)



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