Friday, April 8, 2011

What Does Handcrafted Mean To Me?

Handcrafted means something that is handmade by people and with love. These people can be anyone, you or me. From the item itself you can see if it is handcrafted with love or just for the sake of creating. Although the item cannot speak to you, but you can feel the emotion and mood of the designer with each handcrafted design she has created. It is also a way for people to express themselves.

It is kind of strange also if a person in a bad mood and she is trying to create, normally it turns out bad result. It is always good to keep a cheerful mood if someone is thinking to design something beautiful. :)

Guess that also tells you if I am in bad mood I am not creating anything. Ermmmm …. :D
My life is full of up and down as well like everyone. It is only to keep a positive mind set then I be able to create something beautiful from my heart and soul.

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