Friday, September 16, 2011

Butterfly And Dragonfly In the Fairy Garden (FY-N016)

Butterfly And Dragonfly In the Fairy Garden (FY-N016) $189 USD
Ever been to fairyland? You will be able to see so many beautiful nature there, such as lovely butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, berries and many more!!! Here is one of my fairy theme necklaces. Love it so much!!! It does not only look elegant, it is also very easy to match with clothing.
Can you see the lovely blue swarovski butterfly and dragonfly roaming so happily around this fairy garden? The flower also just woke up and blooming early in the morning. :)
Some gemstones, flowers beads, swarovski crystals and swarovski pearls are handsewn at the base of this necklace.

The length of this necklace together with the lace is 92.5cm.

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