Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sparkling Snow Flakes Tutorial

While I was crafting for my new project, I came to discover something interesting. That is how to make sparkling snow flakes!! Wanna learn how to make your own snow flakes? What you need are three simple supplies. Tear a small size of aluminium foil pour some white iridescent or diamond glitter and then small amount of Mod Podge (Gloss Finish). Mix them well. Once you get the consistency you wanted. Dab them on 10 of your fingers. Hehe ... Pretty fun as well while you doing nothing and watching TV. :) Once it is dry on your fingers, you will notice the Mod Podge will become translucent. Peel them off slowly from your fingers. Notice how beautiful they are? You can also tear them to a smaller size.:)
The rest of the ideas up to you what you wanna do with them. :) I might experiment few techniques what I can do with them. :)
Have fun!!!

Warmest Love,

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