Thursday, October 20, 2011

Uploading New Designs Very Soon ....

As what I have promised everyone. I have came up with more new designs. Have not been lazying, in fact working hard every night. I enjoy very much bringing surprises for all of you. Hope you guys love it!! Give me some time to slowly upload them, ok? :) Beside these designs I am showing you guys, more are coming up soon!!! Are they colorful enough? :D They look more lively with colors, don't you guys agree?

For those of you who love heart shape pendants with magical fairies, mermaids and mystical beings, they will be coming up very soon. They are one of my best selling designs. If you love any of them please grab them as I will not be able to make them anymore because the pendant itself will no longer be manufactured. Do not worry I will alway
s be sourcing for new materials to bring you more new designs. If any of you like to wear locket necklaces. Wink! Wink! I have them as well!! :) Locket necklaces can be a very memorable gift for someone special.

Please do not be shy to request if you like to see certain designs on my creations. Feel free to ask and I will try my best to come up with something at least you guys will love it, not just me. Hope you guys have lovely week!!

Warmest hugs and love,

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