Monday, November 7, 2011

More New Hand Painted Jewelry

Dear all my lovely friends. Here are my new collections that I have been talking about since last month. Even though these designs may look simple but then they are not easy to create. Most of these designs taken more than a day to complete. Every pieces are hand painted by me and then lacquer not just the charms but also the background to bring life to my new creations. Let me explain just a short process of how these creations being made so you will know what exactly you are buying. :) These creations taken alot more time to complete because they need longer drying time, painting, glueing and then lacquering them to prevent the paint from coming off. If you notice the paint they even have 2 tones on them. The reason why I like them to have 2 tones because they look more realistic. One tone will still look pretty dull. I have used many kind of mixed media on my work pieces so that it makes my designs harder to be copied and I definitely love to explore new techniques all time.

Tada!! here they are.

Last few days since Friday 4th Nov 2011 morning, I have been a bit upset and moody because my dearest girl (syrian hamster) was sick plus old age and then passed away in the afternoon about 1:45pm. Sorry I know I am not supposed to include here on my work. Just that I like to have keep her as part of my memories on my website. Do you know the reason why I am able to create all the beautiful pieces, is all because of my pets around me. Seeing them happy and being a mummy to them always make my life seem so much livelier. It is because of them I feel so inspired of my work because they always keep me happy. I have tried my very best to save Rachel. The vet even told me her chances of survival is pretty slim. :( I am glad when she died I was with her, she was lying on my hand. I sincerely pray that she will has a better next life. She has been such a dearest baby to me. Good bye Rachel and you know mummy always love you.
Thank you everyone for being so encouraging and supportive towards my work. If you have any suggestion and request please feel free to email me anytime.Do give me some time to upload these few pieces of my work. Hope you guys have lovely week!!
Warmest love and hugs,

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