Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Customized Magical Love Fairy Necklace (FY-N035)

Customized Magical Love Fairy Necklace (FY-N035) SOLD
One of my best sellable necklaces. The fairy is hand painted and sealed with lacquer by me. This necklace may look simple but the workload is tedious. I love the new version of this Magical Love Fairy necklace because it looks so much livelier once the charm is hand painted. Don't you agree?

Very lovely fairy sitting down on the grass. She gives love to her surrounding. She is being surrounded with blooming flowers and grass. Everywhere around her is glowing and sparkling because she bring joy to everything around her. :)

The size of the heart is 3.1cm in width and 2.6cm in height. The length of the chain is 47.5cm.

Please do not hesitate to email me at for further enquiry.

All my fairies and nature jewelry designs here are made with love and full passion. Hope you love them. :) Will be exploring new techniques every time and bring you more new designs. Thank you for checking out my jewelry.

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