Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank you to all my lovely customers and friends who are supporting me at this time. :) I really feel very happy and appreciated a lot deep down from the bottom of my heart. :) In fact I am really happy to have all of you to still stand by me. Do not worry I am not sad or feeling negative at all. I am more determined to come out with more interesting designs for all of you. :)
My passion for craft will always be strong. :)

I have gone through a tougher time than this .. even though my two months time have gone wasted. I am still feeling very happy because I still have all of you by my side and encouraging me as well. This is what I call true happiness that I can never have if not because of you guys.

Think positive and things will come out more positive :)
Once again thank you very much to all of you.
Warmest hugs and kisses with lots of love. :)
Adrine :)
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